Our team of professional experts is at your service for a thrilling and rewarding experience of Big Game. We are devoted to deep sea fishing fans whatever your level may be. Whether you are a pro angler or a beginner fishermen who would like to improve their technical knowledge, our crew will make your experience an unforgettable one.

Where ?

We leave from Mindelo Harbour Marina on the island of Sao Vicente and after just a few miles we begin trolling to find the mighty blue marlin. We fish mainly around the Sao Vicente island covering it from North to South and other side of the channel towards San Antao, depending on the level of activity. The channel between São Vicente and Santo Antão is a well known marlin spot that has given the Cape Verde Islands its reputation, with an average of 400 to 700 lbs catches, and some big blue as grander... It is also possible to change locations and fish all the way to Sao Nicolau island.

What ?

We fish the mighty blue marlin. Besides the blue marlin there are yellow fin tuna fish, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, and dorado. You can even try your luck with several different shark species.

How ?

We fish with all types of techniques including Pitch Bait with a live/dead bait. Our fishing equipment include rods 80lbs curved butt for chair, and set of 30, 50, 80, 130 lbs stand-up rods. Plus, jigging rods, Shimano Tiagra reels, stand-up belts and harness, shoulder harness, and a fighting chair are all provided to create the best fishing conditions for you. Our team, trained by Zak Condé, will accompany and guide you to determine which fishing technique works best for you such as armed lures, live baiting, and pitch bait. You can also try jigging rods to catch Amberjacks, Cape Verde is one of the best spots for it.

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