Cape Verde

Only six hours flying time from the major airports of Europe, the volcanic Cape Verde archipelago, lying in the Atlantic Ocean off the bulge of Africa, is rapidly emerging as an inspiring holiday destination for those seeking something different.

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Mindelo, the capital of Sao Vicente is a cultural center. Many artists, intellectuals and musicians have made Mindelo their home including the world renowned Cesaria Evora. Sao Vicente is the most cultural and cosmopolitan island of the archipelago. 

Despite heavy erosion, the landscape still shows evidence of past volcanic activity. As you wander around Mindelo you may spot the influences of the British. 

Within a community of intellectuals, artists and musicians, Mindelo offers an intensive nightlife. The carnival in Mindelo (usually held around Ash Wednesday) is Cape Verde’s liveliest, absorbing the influences of the both the Portuguese and Brazilian carnival. In addition, the traditional festival of Baia das Gatas held for three days and three nights (usually during August) has become a reputable, international music event.

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All visitors entering Cape Verde require a visa (cost: 40 euros) and a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months after the travel date. As a European or British citizen, you can obtain a visa at the respective embassy or consulate in your country in advance or upon arrival on Sal, Boa Vista, São Vicente and Santiago international airports (the latter is only valid for four weeks). The visa allows you to stay for 90 days. You must enter the country within 180 days after the visa has been issued. Application forms can be submitted via the Internet, fax or mail and are available on the website of the Embassy of Cape Verde.

The local currency is the Escudo., It is a currency linked to the Euro. 1 Euro is 110 Escudo. The Cape Verde currency has been stable against the euro for a long time.

It is not a convertible currency so that you cannot lawfully take it out of the country and you cannot change it abroad. Cape Verde banks do not provide credit cards. Exchange counters are located at international airports, but not at domestic airports. Otherwise, every district has a bank that is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition, there are exchange offices that also exchange currency at the official rate. You can also sometimes pay with euros in stores and taxis, but the change will be returned in escudos at a less favourable exchange rate of 1 euro to 100 escudos. Credit cards issued by Mastercard or Visa are accepted at major hotels and banks. Withdrawing cash with credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) is possible, but rather expensive. You must present your passport when exchanging money or paying with a credit card (so you should always have it with you). 


The prices in stores are comparable with those in Europe.

Rooms in small guesthouse cost between 20 and 40 euros. Rates for hotel rooms range from 40 to 130 euros. You can get a small lunch for just 5 euros, but you’ll pay about 20 euros at better restaurants. Beverages cost 1-2 euros.

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